Heart of the Shaman

We are all longing for a sense of depth, wonder and magic. Our souls are deprived of the context of awe that nurtured the humanity of our ancestors. Through work with psychedelics we distilled a non-drug approach to a journey that reconnects us with the source of our own mystical nature. A deep psychedelic experience without the use of drugs or plants.


Heart of the Shaman isn't just the longest running workshop experience in the history of Hollyhock (1986 to 2014) and a thirteen year veteran of Esalen Institute, it is so much more than a workshop. It is a life changing journey to our essential self, the source of all things. In this work we enter a crafted sequence of experiential vignettes that continually deepen the sense of safety, membership in the group and emotional depth for all present. This is a form of growing, healing and being together that can transform our community and ourselves. The healing crucible at the core of the experience is an all-night ceremony and a subsequent integration and transformation process that moves each of us into a sacred sense of being beyond time and space in a place where opposites meld into oneness, a place more real than any other, a place of overflowing love and nurturing. This rebirth into the spiritual realm of profound healing, joy and reverence has been the hallmark of this work for over twenty-eight years.


What is the nature of an alchemical vessel of transformation? It is a vessel whose interpersonal dimension is trust and caring, a series of healing circles of respect, heartfelt story telling and connection. It is the creation of true community where deep altered state journeying can be supported. In this work we use everything available to us to foster this deep and loving journey into the heart and soul of our awareness: Ritual, poetry, music and sound, breathwork, deep tissue bodywork & chaos. We work within a state of the art multidimensional, sacred, physical temple where energy is raised to transformative intensity through deep altered states of consciousness.


We form a community of commitment to truth, depth and integrity. The ongoing sharing and tribal sense of wholeness draws us together to embody and to share the healing journey. The exquisite insights and healing are not complete without a deep process of integration and sharing. It is this place where the mystical and emotional depths are shared and forged into new ways of being and caring for ourselves and the world.


Sharing from the depth of our being, free from masks of repression, having journeyed through our wounds into healing and wholeness, with tender and open hearts, we dance and reveal our new sense of self. The joy in this celebration anchors our connections to each other, our individual spirit and the spirit of the cosmos.

We invite you to join us for a loving journey that is both modern and ancient, renewing and healing, a journey to the Heart of the Shaman.

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